Blackout Poetry

Discover. Deface. Reinvent. 


Pieces by Emma Paoli.



Blackout poetry is widely considered as the creation of author, illustrator and web-designer Austin Kleon in 2005. It was used as a technique to overcome writers block, and he started to form brief pieces of writing with only a sharpie and a newspaper. Its popularity has grown incredibly since, with creatives fascinated by the idea of creating something profound from the mundane, or defacing a piece they hold dear in an attempt to breathe a different kind of life into it. 

Emma is from Florence, Italy. She is a graduate of the Media and English BA at Goldsmiths.

Original texts used:

Strange how people... from 'An Unwritten Novel' by Virginia Woolf, 1920

After gazing into the windows... from 'A Haunted House' Virginia Woolf, 1921

Hand in hand... from 'A Haunted House' Virginia Woolf, 1921

Come in... from 'Nothing on Earth' by Conor O' Callaghan, 2016

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