Bedtime Story

Gabriela Sibilska is a 2018 BA Media & Communications graduate. Initial specializing in film, Gabriela had dreamt of one day becoming a film director. It wasn’t until her final year at Goldsmiths, that she discovered animation and soon fell in love with it. Without any formal training in digital animation, she decided her first film would be aesthetically and technically as simple as possible and drew, frame by frame, with oil pastels on paper. Her final year piece, The Forest Queen, wound up winning numerous film festivals, including the London International Animation Festival at the Barbican, Aesthetica Short Film Festival and Animeteka.

Bedtime Story is one of her earlier pieces of work. Currently living in Brooklyn, New York, Gabriela is pursuing a Master’s degree and looking to gain experience working on music videos. To collab or learn more about her work, message her @blagabalanga or go to

Words by Karolina Wolska

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