Goldsmiths Student Winter Showcase 2018

A collection of works by Goldsmiths students brought to you by the Media & Communications Department.

In celebration of this year’s end term, students of the Media & Communication Department showcased a screening of their latest work. Twenty three amazing films and video works were displayed, hosted by Daisy Asquith, Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths and convenor of MA in Filmmaking (Screen Documentary). The talent of these students was surreal and their hard work, recognized. Independent of how far they were into the degree, no screening failed to impress.

Highlights of the event include:

Gabriela Sibilska - Queen of the Forest

A BA year three student, Gabriela’s hand drawn animation depicts the raw emotions and process during the process of coming to terms with loss. Predominately working with traditional media, Gabriela displays a unique style of animation. Heavily influence by old Polish cartoons, most of her work comes from her personal experiences. Some of her earlier work can be found in the Animation section of this month’s issue. And if you want to catch a glimpse of the Queen of the Forest, be sure to sign up to the BFI Future Film Festival, where it will screening in February!

Vivian Bai – Disabled, But Able

An MA student in TV Journalism, Vivian piece shows how some people in China are working on helping disadvantaged individuals by focusing specifically on a car wash where all employees are mentally disabled. The documentary reveals the reality of mentally disabled people’s lives in China, and the disregard of their disability as a burden, further highlighting them as capable individuals, who are part of a society. Emotionally impacting and educational, Vivian Bai’s work is influential and eye opening. If you haven’t already, go to our Film section to watch the full film.

Holly Xue – My Misogyny

An MA student in Screen Fiction, Holly negotiates the gender struggle that arises from early age and continues onto adulthood. An outlook on what it means to be a girl and how one learns to hate being one. Personalized yet removed, Holly discusses lived experiences while playing with a monotonous voice over. Her film is short, experimental and to the point – we must battle societal restraints.

I can easily say that it is not often you come across a room replete with endless talent such as this one. Eyes glistened in wonder and admiration and roaring applauses at the end of each artwork. The night ended with a party in the PSH atrium from 6 to 8pm with free drinks, food and music. A wonderful event to celebrate a group of wonderful creatives!

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Words by Olivia Mello

GoldDust Editors