för min Svenska lejon

Fell asleep on grass-

empty bottle of bucks fizz,

a box of strawberries,

to then wake and talk

about Sweden, sexism

and bad practices,

hidden between sheets

of good, bright, bold history,

damasked in yellow.

Then it’s

ice cream and pound coins,

the promise of a month left.

I wish you would stay.

I wish you would stay

with me and them and bucks fizz-

I’ll give you berries

if it would change your

mind, but boxes of fruit won’t

even convince you.


instead, I’ll dream you

stay here, and count down minutes

in old strawberry tops-

I’ll watch you beaming,

your mouth filled with red mush and

wet with cheap bucks fizz.


Chloe Vaughan is the first person I met in London as small 18-year-old Goldsmiths fresher in 2013. Despite her love of Autumn, everybody who has ever met Chloe agrees she is literal sunshine in a pile of scarves. She is currently based in Manchester where she is widely regarded as the best living bookseller to have graced the Earth. She is Goldsmiths alumni and founder and former president of the Creative Writing Society. Her poetry feels like home. So does she. Find her recent work at MISTRESS Journal and The Manchester Review.

Words by Daisy May

GoldDust Editors